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Investigatory Services

Private Investigations & Surveillance

In what can be a complex process to remain legally and morally compliant for an organisation or individual to undertake, Cerberus can provide independent solutions and advice, drawing on a comprehensive understanding of investigatory techniques and evidence gathering for clients, including matrimonial issues. We provide investigations and surveillance solutions that ensure a discreet and productive outcome is achieved.

Accident & Incident Investigations

With the threats and risks, internally and externally, that pose a threat to our clients, incidents and accidents can unfortunately occur. Accordingly, Cerberus can provide a thorough, supportive, investigative process to establish the cause and enable further mitigation techniques to be advised from findings to complement any internal investigatory process.

Person Tracing

In today’s global workplace, individuals regularly transition from one location to another through employment and as personal situations change. To ensure that legal documents and necessary paperwork can be issued by organisations, Cerberus offers a person tracing service to provide up-to-date details of individuals and their whereabouts to our clients.

Legal Support

As part of the range of investigatory solutions offered to our legal clients, Cerberus Consultancy can provide legal summons and statement-taking services for civil and criminal matters. Both solutions require candour and a discreet approach to contribute towards a positive outcome for all clients in what can be sensitive and troubling times, whilst representing their interests.

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